Foley Dont see this as a swing change


ORLANDO, Fla. – A good-natured caddie couldn’t help himself earlier this week at Walt Disney World Resort, strolling past Sean Foley with a smile and a zinger: “Congratulations, you’re the coach of the No. 2 player in the world.”

The jab, a reference to Foley’s most high-profile client Tiger Woods’ recent slide to second in the World Golf Ranking, drew a smile from the thoughtful Canadian. Although he’s officially been on the job since the PGA Championship Foley has learned that life in the punchbowl alongside Woods comes with equal parts perks and pitfalls and it’s best just to roll with the one-liners.

On Thursday at the World Golf Fitness Summit just up Interstate 4 from Walt Disney World “Shag Bag” caught up with Foley and asked how his work with Woods was going?

“I don’t see this as a swing change. I just see that we can do some trimming. Take a minimalist approach to it,” said Foley, who spent the morning working with longtime client Sean O’Hair over at Disney. “It’s an ideal position to be in as a teacher to have that canvas.”

With his man coming off a tie for sixth in China at last week’s WGC-HSBC Champions and a solid start at the Australian Masters (first round 2-under 69), Foley said he was encouraged by the progress Woods has made.

Although Woods is a renowned worker away from the PGA Tour spotlight, Foley said he hasn’t been closing the Isleworth practice tee with him.

“People think intense and they think quantity,” Foley said. “The thing about Tiger is he’s obviously an expert at practicing. . . . He has an unbelievable ability to concentrate.”

Foley said his sessions with Woods are never longer than an hour and a half. “It’s not every day, seven hours a day,” he said.

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