Forget Indio give me In-N-Out


As the PGA Tour moves to the desert this week for the Bob Hope Classic I continue to reminisce about my rookie year way back in. . . well never mind.

It’s depressing to think about how old I am. What’s not depressing to think about is how much fun all the rookies will have teeing it up in Palm Springs this week. I can remember watching one of my amateur partners pull up to the valet parking at Ranch Mirage, driving a bright yellow Rolls Royce. When he got out of the car I couldn’t help but notice that he was wearing yellow britches, matching yellow socks, and bright as the sun yellow patent leather loafers. He looked like Dean Martin. It turns out that he was a big time movie producer with so many houses he couldn’t even remember where they all were. I had an absolute blast.

It was that year that I first learned about Indio. Indio is apparently a city somewhere down in the bottom of the valley that has a mysterious force that seems to attract golf balls. I never have been able to figure it out. All I know is that every time I missed a putt (which was quite frequently) my big-time movie producer playing partner would say “Indio got it.” After missing the cut I took a drive down the valley to see if I could find this mysterious place. I’m not sure that I was ever able to locate Indio, but I found something much, much, better. It’s called In-N-Out and it’s a west coast chain that has the best hamburgers on the whole planet.

There sure isn’t anything like that where I grew up in South Carolina. In-N-Out has a mysterious force that seems to attract heavy set golf pros and all caddies. I never did play well in Palm Springs but I always had a smile on my face because I knew that after a round of 72 with 37 putts that I would able to bury my sorrows with an “Animal Style Double-Double.”

I’ll bet if you check the In-N-Out nearest one of the four golf courses used for this year’s Bob Hope you are very likely to see at least one PGA Tour pro and several caddies. And if you know where it is, point out Indio to them.