Fowler or Compton Who gets into Disney


Rickie Fowler or Erik Compton?
Giving out sponsor exemptions can be brutally difficult work. Just ask the folks at the Children's Miracle Network.
Fowler and Compton both are hopeful they will get the last sponsor’s exemption for the season’s final PGA Tour event, the Children’s Miracle Network Classic at Disney World Nov. 12-15. They are terrific possibilities who would be great fits and bring great stories, but the tournament only has one more exemption to offer.
Fowler is a hot commodity coming off his near victory in the playoff last week and his tie for seventh at Justin Timberlake’s event the week before. He earned temporary Tour membership with his finishes, but it won't get him into Disney. He needs a sponsor's invite. He's the best story of the fall season, a player whose soaring popularity is sure to help the tournament.
Compton is one of the most inspiring stories in the history of golf, a player whose tale resonates powerfully with the nature of the Disney event. The Children’s Miracle Network’s mission is “creating miracles by raising funds for children’s hospitals.” Compton was the youngest recipient of a heart transplant in Miami Jackson Memorial Hospital history when he received his first transplant at age 12. He received a second heart transplant 18 months ago and is bidding to win a PGA Tour card and play the Tour next year. Compton earned a sponsor’s exemption last year.
Fowler and Compton aren’t alone wanting an exemption to the Disney event. Somebody else might end up with the spot.There are other players fighting for PGA Tour cards who would love the invite.
Who would you invite?