From Something Bad Comes Something Good


The old adage that 'From something bad, comes something good' came to mind last weed as golf fans worldwide were saddened and scared by the news that Amy Mickelson had been diagnosed with breast cancer. And we're collectively relieved to hear that the prognosis looks good for Phil's wife. The irony in the aforementioned adage is that a couple of good things resulted from Amy's condition.
First, and most important, awareness was raised and I'm sure many women quit putting off their overdue exams, and ultimately, lives will be saved.
Secondly, I'm sure it was very reaffirming, if not surprising, for the Mickelsons to see just how treasured and admired they are by their peers. For Phil, a player who has often been the subject of jealous locker room innuendo and gossip, to see the support of his peers in such an unprecedented manner, it let him know that it's not just the fans who truly care about him.