Not all fun and games for Finchem in Maui


Seems the icy chill that has gripped mainland America made a swing through the Hawaiian islands on Tuesday.

During his annual season-opening press conference at Kapalua, PGA Tour commissioner Tim Finchem was asked one too many Tiger Woods questions it would seem.

Question: Have you talked to Tiger or attempted to talk to him?

Finchem: Have I talked to who?

Q. Tiger?

Finchem: I answered this question before (in a December conference call). The answer is, I have not. . . . When I addressed that, I thought I addressed it in this context that he asks for privacy. We pledged our commitment to give him privacy so that would include me trying to talk to him.

And then there was this exchange regarding the Canadian doctor who treated Woods during his rehabilitation from knee surgery who has been linked to HGH.

Q: You also said, according to the transcript, “I have no reason to have any concern.”

Finchem: Because of that report, I had no reason.

Q: That comment was widely panned by a number of doping experts including the head of (World Anti-Doping Agency), who accused you of having your head in the sand? . . He said, “As a doping expert, when I hear in the same question, blood spinning, HGH and Actovegin, I tend to straighten up and have a better look, at least you look into it?

Finchem: I appreciate his advice. I will stand by the response I gave during the press conference. I had no reason to be concerned about the procedure that was reported. I'm not so sure that that's inconsistent with what he said. I'm not suggesting it is, but I will stand by my response. Do you have another question?

Regarding Woods, in 2010 you should count on it Mr. Commissioner.