Furyk's game full of 'energy'


Jim Furyk may have come up shy of winning the Transitions Championship on Sunday, but do not blame it on his 5-Hour Energy.

In the offseason, Furyk signed a three-year deal with parent company Living Essentials, LLC, to represent their energy drink on the PGA Tour. It was a head-scratcher for many, curious why a placid guy like Furyk made sense for a company promoting the edge to get past “that 2:30 feeling.” 

For company president Scott Henderson, however, Furyk and his approach align perfectly with the company.

“Jim is a grinder. He works very hard at his craft, which is the kind of person we are trying to appeal to with 5-Hour Energy,” Henderson said.

The 2003 U.S. Open champion appeals to a slightly older demographic and an age group still somewhat skeptical about energy products. Off the course, Furyk is excellent at outings – a great conversationalist and story teller.