G-Mac: Freak hand injury due to sleepwalking


Remember when Graeme McDowell accidently caught his right hand in a hotel door and nearly had to withdraw from the WGC-HSBC Champions?

Well, it didn’t happen exactly like that.

He was sleepwalking.

“I actually don’t know what happened to my hand,” McDowell said Monday on Golf Channel. “I was sleepwalking. I woke up out of this dream, standing in a hotel-room door, in my boxer shorts, and three seconds later I had the most searing pain in my right hand. I have no idea what happened.”

Was he up late, tipping back a few Guinness? Not quite. G-Mac said he went to sleep early that night, around 9 p.m. local time. “That was my first sleepwalking experience,” he said, “and believe me, it wasn’t a good one for me.”

At the time, he posted this picture and said that he had sustained no broken bones, just bruising and swelling. He played the second round using a 10-finger baseball grip but was able to finish the tournament, eventually tying for 42nd. A month later, he won the World Challenge in his final event of the season.