Garcia heads to Northern Trust happy


As Sergio Garcia prepares for his 2012 U.S. debut, the 32-year-old is embarking on his 14th season as a professional. The Spaniard looked back on his career on Tuesday at Riviera, content with what he has accomplished.

“I've always said I'm very happy with the career I've had. It always depends on who you compare it against. But for myself, I feel good about it. I obviously think that I could have won many more tournaments, but I probably could have lost some of the ones I won, too,” he said.

Perhaps as recently as last summer, Garcia would have disagreed with his own assessment. Consecutive wins in Spain last October were his first in three years and reinvigorated his career, as well as his stature in a rapidly-changing game.

It’s been a quick 13 years, however, when Garcia was projected to be the successor to Seve Ballesteros and Jose Maria Olazabal. Garcia isn’t the same person as he was when he was a teen however, and his outlook on the game has changed.

“I think I'm about 15 years away from it,” he said laughing. “Everything changes. It's difficult, but obviously you can't be the same when you're 32 as when you're 18 or 19. I think that you obviously have more experience. You know what's going on more – not only about golf but around the world and around your world, you might say, and it obviously changes you a little bit.”

With what seems to be a less myopic view of his career and his place in the world, Garcia seems at peace with where the game ultimately takes him.

“I feel like I've had a very successful career so far. I'm hoping to make it even better. But if I had to quit golf tomorrow, I would not be unhappy about it,” he said.