Gavin Coles Fell Out of the Right Side of the Bed


The charmingly pessimistic Gavin Coles managed to shoot 4-under par in Round 1 of the Nationwide Tour's South Georgia Classic on Thursday. Consider that Coles is one of the shortest hitters in professional golf, Kinderlou Forest measures 7,781 yards (the longest course in Nationwide Tour history) and it becomes a surprising round.
He may have had a premonition though as he was in a surprisingly upbeat mood early in the week. Remembering that he went toe-to-toe with Vijay Singh a couple years ago in Houston on a very long track, Coles didn't discount his odds this week. 'He definitely woke up on the right side of the bed this week,' Kay Cockerill noted in our production meeting.
The irony in this lies in the fact that Coles is never one to shy away from his opinion – much to the delight of his peers. He receives more needling than just about anyone else. So much so that awhile back, in the player dining area, Dicky Pride walked in, saw Gavin, and instead of asking 'Is everything okay,' he asked, 'Anything okay, Colesy?'
After hearing me say that he woke up on the right side of the bed during the telecast, Gavin texted me, 'By the way, I fell out of bed and landed on my head.' The man is priceless.