Give Leadbetter credit for Wies resurgence


David Leadbetter was proud of Michelle Wie’s victory Sunday at the Lorena Ochoa Invitational.

While Dave Stockton received a lot of attention for Wie’s surge since their work before the Solheim Cup, Leadbetter’s devotion to Wie as her long-time swing coach shouldn’t be overlooked. He played a large role in rebuilding her swing the last three seasons.

Wie started the 2007 season with an injury to her right wrist. A month later, it was reported she injured her left wrist in a fall while jogging. She would later reveal that she broke three bones in her left wrist. The injuries almost ruined her swing and led to a dreadful slump. Leadbetter isn’t just Wie’s swing coach. He is one of her most trusted allies who has never been afraid to tell her what she doesn’t want to hear.

Leadbetter said he believes 2010 is full of possibilities with Wie’s confidence high.

“It was nice to see Michelle finally break through,” Leadbetter said Sunday night. “When you win one, it often leads to others. Hopefully, this will be the first of many.”

So now that Wie’s broken through to win on the LPGA, and she’s feeling good about all aspects of her game, will she resume her quest against the men on the PGA Tour?

Leadbetter said he sees a commitment from Wie to the women’s game, but she’s still curious about the PGA Tour.

“Michelle really feels like she’s part of the LPGA,” Leadbetter said. “She might add a PGA Tour event somewhere, she still has the desire to compete against men, but I think at this stage she’s well ensconced on the LPGA tour. She really feels a part of it.”