Glover Bethpage and the Big Apple


Lucas Glover: U.S. Open champion, Clemson sports fanatic (“I’d watch checkers on TV if Clemson had a team,” he once said.) and diehard New York Yankee fan. And his penchant for pinstripes goes beyond that victory lap he took in the shadow of the Big Apple this June at Bethpage’s Black Course.

Glover, who has been a Yankee fan since he was a little leaguer and New York great Don Mattingly was his hero, will join the faithful at new Yankee Stadium for Games 1 and 2 of the World Series between New York and Philadelphia starting Wednesday night.

Glover has plenty of time to take in the Fall Classic. Unlike his post-2008 plan, which featured nearly two consecutive months without any Tour golf, Glover’s only other start this season will be Tiger Woods’ Chevron World Challenge in December. But then the Yankee diehard probably isn’t thinking past Game 4 and a New York sweep.