GMac pleads with fans to stop yelling 'rubbish'


The Keegan Bradley heckler wasn’t the only spectator who drew the ire of PGA Tour players at last week’s World Challenge.

A day after the belly-putter-wielding Bradley was called a “cheater” by a fan, both he and fellow playing competitor Graeme McDowell apparently became annoyed by a spectator who was “Yabba Dabba Do-ing” after each shot during the final round at Sherwood.

That prompted McDowell, the tournament winner, to sound off on the post-shot inanity. (He also apologized on Twitter for calling a certain spectator a “wanker” during the round.)

“I’m kind of fed up with all this ‘mashed potatoes’ and all this rubbish that the crowd is kind of enjoying shouting right now,” he told reporters afterward. “Keegan had a guy out there who was – after every shot he was ‘Yabba Dabba Do-ing,’ and it was just stupid. It’s not a lot of fun, and it’s kind of becoming a little bit of a cool thing to do for the spectators. It kind of gives them their two or three seconds of fame. But it gets a little frustrating for everyone.”