Golf Boys to the rescue to root on Bubba


AVONDALE, La. – Still on the grounds of Augusta National when the sudden-death playoff for the Masters began, Bubba Watson's fellow Golf Boys Ben Crane and Rickie Fowler knew that they had to go cheer him on against Louis Oosthuizen.

'We knew that (Watson's wife) Angie was at home, she wasn't able to come out because of the situation with their baby, and so we just wanted to go out and support our friend, who we love,' Crane said Tuesday at the Zurich Classic of New Orleans.

In the caddie area with four holes to play, Crane and Fowler realized Bubba had a chance to win. As the playoff began, Fowler had to change from street clothes, so the pair could go out and root on Watson.

'We were so excited for Bubba, and we thought, ‘gosh, we've got to go,’ and we talked a couple other members into giving us a ride down once they played 18 again. Then we went down around through kind of the field [to the left of No. 18] and came around the back door and were able to get a good spot on No. 10,' he said.

The pair stood to the back left of the 10th green with a line to where Watson made his miraculous shot from the pine straw.

'I'm like, ‘oh, gosh, is that right at us?’ Your reaction is like, ‘oh, it's going to hit you.’ You always think the ball is coming right at you, right?  It started out, I'm going, ‘oh, boy, this is way off line,’ and all of a sudden it put on the blinker,' he said.

'And then all of a sudden people started clapping. I'm like, ‘what?’ I look up, and I see the ball, like, ‘oh, my gosh.’ Obviously, it will be one of the greatest shots of our era to be hit. Just an incredible shot.'