Golf Channel Comcast support Haiti efforts


Tuesday’s devastating earthquake in Haiti has brought an outpouring of sympathy and support from around the world. Golf Channel will provide free air time for earthquake-related public service announcements from the Red Cross and United Way, as will the other networks owned by Golf Channel parent company, Comcast.

To help support the earthquake victims Comcast is also making grants to the American Red Cross and to Telecom Without Borders [a nonprofit agency that brings telecommunications services to crisis zones, and already is operational in Haiti].  

If you are considering making a personal donation, multiple organizations will accept donations, but the FBI warns of scams which may result in personal identity theft. The FBI recommends that donors beware of unsolicited appeals, and not give personal or financial information to anyone who solicits contributions.

Below are links to three organizations that have been featured most prominently in media reports this week. They are the American Red Cross, United Way International, and Yele-Haiti, the charitable organization of Haitian-American performer Wyclef Jean:

The American Red Cross
The United Way
Wycliff Jean's Yele-Haiti Relief Fund