Golf course employee finds, returns bag with $36K


Most golf course employees see dozens of golf bags each day. For one worker at a Miami-area course, a bag handled recently had a little something extra in it: $36,000 to be exact.

According to an AP report, Rachel Castillo found a bag containing the cash in January while working at Miami Beach Golf Course. While many may have pocketed the fortuitous find, Castillo handed the cash to authorities, who found a name and address on the bag.

While the bag's 76-year-old owner was no longer living at the address listed, police were able to track him down at an assisted living facility. Having verified that the money was his, authorities will now return all $36,000 to the bag's original owner.

No word yet on what, if any, 'finder's fee' will be extended to Castillo for her role as good Samaritan.