Golf Fitness Studio making impact at U.S. Open


SAN FRANCISCO – It’s a sign of the times that the four high-tech hitting bays located in the American Express events tent at The Olympic Club are flanked by a pair of fitness studios.

The Golf Fitness Studio is a new addition to the “Championship Experience” and features five trainers that have already administered over 1,600 consultations.

“This is the first time we’ve had our hands on so many amateurs and we are able to let them know how important the physical side of golf is,” said Sean Cochran, a longtime PGA Tour trainer who helped organize the studio.

The golf performance program has teamed this week with GolfTech, which runs the four hitting bays, to help golfers better understand the connection between swing flaws and physical restrictions.

“The public has realized there is a physical aspect to the golf swing,” said Cochran, who also will lead the performance program at this year’s Ryder Cup in Chicago. “At the amateur level it’s becoming more synergetic between the swing coach and the trainer, just like it is for a Tour player.”