Haas: Sad, ignorant talking Tiger's lack of majors


JERSEY CITY, N.J. – Paper covers rock. Rock breaks scissors. One majorless year trumps a five-win season.

Wait, doesn't that last part sound backward? Well, not if your name is Tiger Woods.

Nothing Woods has accomplished this season has gotten more attention than his inability to win a major championship.

And doggone it, that really irks 2011 FedEx Cup champion Bill Haas.

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'His lack of winning a major is the only thing talked about, which I think is sad,' Haas said. 'I think it's ignorant.'

To be fair, it was Woods who set the bar so high. It is Woods' desire to break Jack's record that makes seemingly every other milestone he achieves simply icing on the cake.

'There's five wins this year ... but (not winning a major) is what we're basing his year on,' Haas said.

Fans and the media may be harping on the fact that Woods is stuck on 14, but Haas fully appreciates his five-win season.

'He's not winning the smaller events. He's winning the WGCs and Bay Hill, and yes, it makes what he's doing that much more impressive.'