A Hall of Fame love affair


When Bob Toski began playing PGA Tour events in the early ‘50s, he hated being away from his new bride, Jacqueline. He wrote her all kinds of love letters from the road, correspondence she treasured. He once wrote her three letters in a single day. And “Lynn” saved them all.

Lynn died last week, heart failure finally taking her after a long illness.

Those love letters have become a special gift left behind for her and Bob's four children.

Bob, a Hall of Fame teacher who was the PGA Tour’s leading money winner in 1954, didn’t have to tell his children how much he loved their mother when they came together for her funeral service last Friday. They saw it through the years, and they now they can re-live it in Bob's powerful words.

Karin Toski, Bob and Lynn’s youngest child and only daughter, has been huddling with two leather-bound books this week. Lynn bound all those love letters from Bob into those books. They’ve also been there for Bob’s sons – Robert, Bruce and Scot – to read in the family’s time together at their parents home in Boca Raton, Fla.

“It isn’t sad reading the letters,” Karin said. “It’s comforting and sweet that they meant so much to my mother that she saved them and bound them in leather books. It’s phenomenal how much my father loved my mother.”

Go back and read old stories about Toski, and you’ll see that he always said he took up teaching and gave up the PGA Tour because he couldn’t stand being away from his wife and children. Toski still teaches today at the Toski-Battersby Golf Learning Center in Coconut Creek, Fla. The Toskis were preparing to celebrate their 57th wedding anniversary on Dec. 14th.

Folks who want to honor Lynn’s memory can do so with a donation in her name to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital (www.stjude.org)