Hands off: Wie hopes to end air hugging on LPGA


Michelle Wie has had enough of the “total air-hug-fest” in women’s golf.

In a “My Shot” column penned for Golf Digest, the 24-year-old wrote that the air hugs on the LPGA circuit are “getting to be a little much,” and that she’s formed a pact with fellow air-hug dissenter Stacy Lewis to not hug each other after their rounds next year.

At the Solheim Cup, Wie says, the air hugging “got a little nuts.” Hugging teammates. Hugging opponents. Hugging caddies on both teams. Don’t forget about hugging the captains, too.

”You sort of have to do it,” she wrote, “because if you offer only a handshake it looks like an affront.”

Thus the agreement with Lewis to not air hug each other, though she remains skeptical that it’ll ever catch on at events.   

But the Stanford-educated Wie certainly has a point. All of the air hugging would never happen on the men’s tour, not least because of a potential Tiger and Stevie embrace.