Haney's suggestion Woods wanted to be Navy SEAL nothing new


The most-discussed aspect of the excerpt released Tuesday from Hank Haney’s “The Big Miss” is the notion that former pupil Tiger Woods wanted to become a Navy SEAL at some point in his career. This is not the first time, however, Haney has postulated Woods had a plan to follow in the military footsteps of his Green Beret father, Earl.

In the 2010 book, “His Father’s Son,” Haney shared the same sentiment with author Tom Callahan.

'Not all the time, just from time to time, Tiger kept up this training,' Haney said. 'People don't realize how seriously he took it. He wasn't going to some recreational skydiving schools. He was hanging out with Navy SEALs. He took martial arts training, self-defense, fire-arms training, the whole deal.

“I don't think he could ever quite work it out in his mind how to make it all come together. How he was still going to be Tiger Woods, how he was still going to be a father, how he was still going to be a husband and yet go out and be a soldier like his dad. But I know that's what Tiger wanted deep down. He wanted to be a Navy SEAL. For sure that was on his list.”

Woods’ agent, Mark Steinberg, condemned the passage from Haney’s book, which he co-wrote with Golf Digest writer Jaime Diaz.

“Because of his father, it's no secret that Tiger has always had high respect for the military, so for Haney to twist that admiration into something negative is disrespectful,” Steinberg said Tuesday.

The book will be released on March 27.