Hanging with Phil


NEW YORK – I spent an hour with Phil Mickelson Tuesday in the Big Apple. In conjunction with his trip to New Jersey for The Barclays, he worked in a visit with his friend and sponsor Bob Diamond, CEO of Barclays.

We met at 50th St. and 7th Avenue, on the second floor of Barclays Wealth. Phil was hanging out in Bob’s office in the middle of the trading floor. Bob’s walls are made of glass, his desktop is coated with autographed sports memorabilia that had Phil drooling with envy. Phil was quick to tell me that the trading floor is not a common place for a corporate head to conduct his affairs but that’s what makes Bob so successful. He’s a man of action and accountability. 

Phil was playful, in great spirits and looking quite dapper. Wearing a slimming pinstripe power suit with a pink tie and matching ascot, Lefty was very modest about his considerable weight loss. Among our many topics of conversation were the New York Yankees, the San Diego Chargers and the Boston Red Sox. Phil and Bob have spent the better part of their relationship ribbing each other about their beloved sports teams. Lefty is a diehard Chargers fan. Bob adores his New England Patriots. In typical Mickelson style, Phil reminds Bob that San Diego’s “majors” are coming.

As we ventured out onto the trading floor, Phil was cheered. His love affair with New Yorkers radiates in the heart of Manhattan. Mickelson encouraged everyone to come watch him play at Liberty National and thanked them for their kind words about wife Amy who continues her treatments for breast cancer.

It became obvious in my conversations with Phil that it may be a long time before Amy returns to the public eye. His schedule is still week-to-week as he tends to his family’s needs but his sense of humor is very much intact and his appreciation for his fans is at an all-time high.

Catch my interview with Phil and Bob Diamond on tonight’s 'Golf Central' (at 6 p.m. ET). Phil talks about his financial portfolio and his reason for choosing a suit with pinstripes. He also shares a touching story about the first person to reach out to his family upon the discovery of Amy’s cancer.