Hanson accepts temporary PGA Tour membership


Like Ryo Ishikawa did last week, Swede Peter Hanson has accepted special temporary membership on the PGA Tour for the remainder of the 2012 season.

Hanson, who has said he will pursue full membership next season, earned enough in his first three starts of the season to pass No. 150 on last year's PGA Tour money list. The $644,765 he has earned surpassed the threshold by $232,822.

The Swede had 60 days from when he earned enough money to qualify to accept the membership.

PGA Tour non-members, such as Hanson, can play 12 PGA Tour-sanctioned events each year. By accepting the special membership, Hanson can play an additional nine PGA Tour events, either with extra sponsor exemptions or by earning a place in the field.

Non-members who do not have Hanson's status are limited to seven sponsor exemptions.

The special membership does not allow Hanson to earn official money or accumulate FedEx Cup points. If his total earnings for this season as a non-member surpass No. 125 on the PGA Tour money list, he will earn full status for 2013.