Harrington auctioning advertising space to help injured family member


In the wake of a family tragedy, Padraig Harrington is auctioning advertising space on his clothing to benefit charity.

A cousin of his wife, Caroline, was involved in an automobile accident which left him paralyzed. Around Christmas, Gerard Byrne skidded off of an icy road near his home. Doctors told Byrne he would be unable to walk again as a result of the single-car accident.

In response, the three-time major winner will provide advertising to bidders for a three-event stretch, including the Masters, according to the Irish Times. The money raised will help Byrne acquire a car to accommodate him, as well as needed alterations to his home.

“We already have a bid of €100,000 ($134,430) for the front of my cap and €50,000 for the space on my chest. I am auctioning all my spots for that period and all my sponsors have agreed to give them up,” Harrington said. “It’s all for charity.”