Have some golf with your wine


There are ways to go high class without going big ticket. Check out the PGA Tour, which has just signed an agreement with Beringer Vineyards that makes the Napa, Calif. institution the “Official Wine of the PGA Tour, Champions Tour and Nationwide Tour.”

Just signing any long-term sponsor in this economy is a smooth move. But by hooking up with Beringer and its well-regarded (but not over-the-top expensive) wines, the Tour keeps is profile elevated, demographics-wise. And face it, companies that sell $45,000 cars don’t have as many sponsorship dollars – or ready customers – around these days as perhaps they used to. But a bottle of wine? No problem. Also, it looks like the Tour is giving the nod to more alcohol-related sponsorships and branding, as long as they can be properly presented and controlled. The three PGA Tours already have an official beer family (Michelob Ultra products) and an official non-alcohol brew (O’Doul’s). The Tour’s Tournament Players Club (TPC) network also has a preferred vodka (Ketel One). Cheers!