He Said/She Said: Is bigger better?


As the PGA Tour does a Texas two-step with the HP Byron Nelson Championship and the Crowne Plaza Invitational at Colonial, Birdie Bailey and the Golf Guy give their thoughts on the Lone Star State.


It’s true that one of my ex’s lives in Texas. That’s why I hang my hat in … Orlando.

Neither here nor there …

Texas is where it’s at. The food, the attitude, the latitude. The athletics, the attire, the eclectic artists. Southern hospitality and those southern boys’ charm.

Not to mention, Texas has produced some of golf’s greatest legends: Ben Hogan, Byron Nelson, Ben Crenshaw and Lee Trevino to name a few.

What other state brings all that together quite like Texas?

If you can tell me that, I'll throw the Golden Gate Bridge in for free.


Is bigger better? In the case of Texas ... hardly. Have you ever driven through Texas? If not, then don't. The only reason I ever did was to get to South Padre Island on college Spring Break ('Hey, hey, let's Padre!). The drive was brutally boring.

Cowboy boots and cowboy hats? They could disappear forever as far as I'm concerned. Sorry, John Travolta and Debra Winger.

And is there a great golf course in the entire state? A course that anyone in America ever talks about? Nothing immediately comes to mind, save for Colonial - and that's known more for the tournament itself, not so much the course it's played on.

Yes, I'll admit, the state has offered up some legendary golfers: Nelson and Hogan – and golf writer Dan Jenkins – but when it comes to an overall golf discussion, the state of Texas should stick with football.

No offense Lone Star State, but even the Texas Swing comes in a distant third compared with the Florida Swing and the West Coast Swing.

Don't mess with Texas? Come on ... you're just asking for it.