He Said/She Said: Masters extravaganza


The 76th Masters Tournament did not disappoint and by Sunday night's end, it was Bubba Watson's dreams that were realized. The Golf Guy and Birdie Bailey navigated Magnolia Lane and brought you all things Augusta.


Patrick Cantlay shot an even-par 72 on the final day of the 76th Masters and is our He/She scorecard of the day. His 72 included two eagles, five birdies, six pars, three bogeys, one double and a quad. In your life ... have you ever seen anything like that!

Patrick Cantlay

Masters He Said/She Said team final: 

Team Birdie Bailey: Tiger (+5), Scott (-4), Bradley (+2) and Garcia (-2): aggregate total: 1 over

Team Golf Guy: Rory (+5), Phil (-8), Rose (-4), Westwood (-8): aggregate total: 15 under



It was reported that Jason Dufner got a last-minute deal with hotel chain Wyndham Worldwide to advertise their logo on his golf shirt. This coming as he shared the lead heading into the weekend at Augusta National. It got Birdie Bailey and the Golf Guy thinking: What company would we like to sponsor us if given the chance?

He Said: After contemplating between a certain rum brand and Cialis, it finally hit me … Twinkies. Golden sponge cake with a creamy filling. My favorite snack as a youth. I easily see myself strolling the fairways with a big embroidered logo of a Twinkie on my golf shirt. And my hat and golf bag for that matter. Plus, I’m sure they would supply me with plenty of product that I can autograph and throw to fans as I come off each green.

She Said: There are some partnerships that just make sense. Take Jim Furyk and 5-hour Energy, for example. …

The company I would want to sponsor me if I played professionally would be Bailey’s Irish Cream. Too boring? Too simple? Too easy? Perhaps. But if I were one of those players you couldn’t quite place a name to the face, the confusion wouldn’t last long. With “Baileys” tattooed on my bag, hat and garb, I’d certainly be recognized for something even if it weren’t my skills.

Nibble on that and try and tell me it doesn’t make sense. On second thought, pour some Baileys over ice and then tell me it’s a bad idea.

Masters He Said/She Said team standings: 

Team Birdie Bailey: Tiger (+3), Scott (+2), Bradley (+5) and Garcia (-1): aggregate total: 9 over

Team Golf Guy: Rory (+1), Phil (-8), Rose (E), Westwood (-4): aggregate total: 11 under


The Masters

 Favorite Masters Tournament verbiage

He Said: Patrons, Magnolia Lane, back-nine Sunday at Augusta, a 'tradition like no other', the Eisenhower tree, 'Hello, friends', the Big Oak, Bobby Jones, 'the shot heard 'round the world.'

She Said: Magnolia Lane, Augusta, Patrons, green jacket, Champions Dinner, amen corner, the Big Three

Masters He Said/She Said team standings: 

Team Birdie Bailey: Tiger (+3), Scott (+1), Bradley (+4) and Garcia (-4): aggregate total: 4 over

Team Golf Guy: Rory (-4), Phil (-2), Rose (E), Westwood (-4): aggregate total: 10 under

Old vs. Young

No, we're not talking about Golf Guy vs. Birdie Bailey. We mean the veterans or Generation Now. Fred Couples, at age 52, shares the overnight lead with Jason Dufner, while 20-something Rory McIlroy is only one back. So who are we rooting for? 

She Said: I may be a member – er, patron – of Generation Now, but I respect my elders. I understand the long hours, endless buckets of balls, wisdom, strife, cheer and tears that goes into making someone like Fred Couples. At 52, he's still got the talent and the brilliance to co-lead the Masters? Bravo Bam Bam ... Go get you that second green jacket. I'm in your (amen) corner!

He Said: The old adage says that, 'Youth is wasted on the young.' In the case of Rory McIlroy, that couldn't be further from the truth. No offense to the Silver Fox – Freddie Couples – but it is youth that is being served these days in golf. Just 22, a Rory victory could finally signal another 'needle mover' besides Tiger and Phil. And as much as Birdie Bailey 'respects' her elders, the best bet is to embrace the future ... and the possible greatness that is Rory McIlroy.


Arnie Palmer Gary Player Jack Nicklaus

 159 PGA Tour wins ... 34 major championships ... 13 green jackets. Arnie, Gary and Jack hitting the ceremonial first tee shot at the Masters ... priceless.

Surprise of the Day: Henrik Stenson – who had dropped all the way down to 230th in the world rankings earlier in the year - firing a red-hot 31 front nine. Which then led to the Surprise of the Day - Part II: an afwul closing quadruple-bogey 8 to lose the lead. Said Stenston afterwards about the 18th hole, 'It keeps on snowballing and I got the snowman at the end.' Oh, and one last thing on Stenson: Thursday was his birthday. Nothing like giving yourself a crappy birthday gift.


Stat of the Day: Since the Masters' inauguration in 1934, there have been 21 hole-in-ones recorded during tournament play. For more Masters facts and stats, click here.

Photo of the Day

John Senden

She Said: Who says white men can't jump?

Masters Tournament 

He Said: Move over azaleas, the patrons are in full bloom!


What's Masters Week without a little gambling? The Golf Guy and Birdie Bailey held a small draft and each picked a foursome (Birdie won the coin toss and picked first). Aggregate score at the end of the week wins. And what is the bet? Wouldn't you like to know...

Team Golf Guy: Rory McIlroy, Phil Mickelson, Justin Rose and Lee Westwood

Team Birdie Bailey: Tiger Woods, Adam Scott, Keegan Bradley and Sergio Garcia

Golf Guy smack talk: I guess if the names on Birdie’s team were up in lights on Broadway it would seem like a formidable squad. But Adam and Sergio on the Augusta greens? Tiger suddenly winning back-to-back titles after his long drought? And a Masters rookie in Keegan Bradley? Go ahead and write down double bogey on your scorecard Ms. Mosier. And like Namath in 1969, I’m guaranteeing a victory over Birdie Bailey.

Birdie Bailey smack talk: None of you know the Golf Guy’s true identity, but I can tell you a few things about him without blowing his cover: He’s old and set in his ways. Lacks imagination. It’s easy to take three of the top 10 players in the world and play the safe gamble, but four of the last five champions have been underdogs. Take it from the girl who grew up in Vegas … a little danger can pay large dividends.

He Said/She Said/They Said:

“There’s no monkey and there’s no gland.” – Charl Schwartzel, in response to a question about his Champions Dinner menu, which featured a ‘monkey gland sauce’ that is being used for various types of South African barbeque.

“Sucks for us.” – Phil Mickelson, when asked Tuesday at Augusta what Tiger Woods’ victory at the Arnold Palmer Invitational might do for Woods' confidence heading into the Masters.


Champions Dinner

Golf Guy: This is my favorite Masters tradition, hands down. You mean, I win a green jacket and then get to come back and create the menu for past champions? Understanding this will never happen, I will share it here:

There will be no main course – Golf Guy is going with finger-food appetizers. A celebration of past champions doesn’t need to be stuffy – a relaxed atmosphere is key here.

Steamed, then pan-seared pork dumplings; mini corn dogs; fried coconut shrimp; filet and chicken kabobs; and a big pot of my world-class chili. For dessert: One of those crazy, milk chocolate volcanoes with anything imaginable to dip into.

Birdie Bailey: The same rules that apply for Thanksgiving and Christmas apply to the Champions Dinner – you have free rein to eat anything you want and nobody can make you feel bad about it.

To me, there is no better meal than your grandmother's Sunday supper. And my Nana happens to be from Oklahoma.

Chicken and dumplings, corn bread, beans, corn on the cob, fried potatoes, stuffing, green beans, fried okra, salad, fresh tomatoes and cucumbers from the garden ... am I missing anything? For dessert: pumpkin pie, apple pie, pecan pie and pound cake.

It sounds a little bit like a Thanksgiving feast, but I don't hear anyone complaining about the menu come late November, nor do I think I would hear any complaints in Augusta in April.

Favorite Tiger moment

Golf Guy: Chip-in at 16 in 2005? Or finishing off his dominating win in 1997 with that great upper-cut celebration? Fantastic stuff, but my favorite Tiger moment is when he hugged his dad after that first win. We often question the authenticity of Tiger. That, in my mind, was the most authentic moment I’ve witnessed in Tiger’s career. A big, well-deserved bear hug from his 'Pops.'

Birdie Bailey: I was running through an airport late on Masters Sunday in 2005. I remember stopping in front of an airport bar, staring at the TV and watching Tiger chip in at the 16th. That was insane. Ridiculous. And will stay imprinted in my mind forever as one of the greatest shots I've ever seen. The ball stopping on the lip – Nike logo showing – just before dropping. Not even the bigwigs in Hollywood could script a shot like that.

Favorite Masters memory

Golf Guy: No brainer for me: Phil sinking the winning putt in 2004. As happy as I was – which included jumping up and down in the Golf Channel offices with co-workers – I always get goose bumps trying to imagine what Lefty was feeling. Luckily, the look on his face in the seconds afterward told me everything. One magical Sunday.

Birdie Bailey: At 17 years old, I didn’t understand the magnitude of Mickelson’s win in 2004 when I first watched it, but it was painted on my parents' faces. My mom and dad lit up nearly as much as Phil did when he sank that last putt and leaped into the air.

I’m on Team Phil and was happy he finally secured that first green jacket, but why that moment means so much to me is because it meant so much to my parents … and I was there to share it with them.

Back-nine Sunday at Augusta? Who ya want to see on the leaderboard?

Golf Guy: Harrison Frazar, Paul Lawrie and Chez Reavie. I’m not joking. OK, yes I am joking. I am also a sucker for greatness. Give me Rory, Tiger and Phil: with Tiger faltering, Rory reeling ... and Lefty leaving the scene with green jacket No. 4.

Birdie Bailey: There's no needle-mover like Tiger and there's no bigger stage than the back nine at Augusta. I'll take Tiger and Lefty battling shot-for-shot in the closing holes. Sprinkle in some chip-ins, 6-irons off pine straw and whatever other punches these two can pack. By night's end? It's Tiger I want donning the green jacket.