He Said/She Said: Tiger's 3-point plan


After breaking out with a big win at Bay Hill – which led many to claim he was officially 'back' – Tiger Woods has gone on the worst three-event stretch of his career: T-40 at the Masters, a missed cut at Quail Hollow, another T-40 at The Players Championship. Now, everyone is offering up what is wrong. Birdie Bailey and the Golf Guy offer their two cents: a 3-point plan for Tiger to get back on track and get back into the winner's circle.


1. Rekindle your friendship with Charles Barkley. If you have a chance to hang out and be friends with Sir Charles – that’s a no brainer. He might lighten your overall mood.

2. Come to the realization that you need to lower your standards. Blasphemy I know, but the same motivation that drove you when you were young isn’t going to work anymore. There is a new generation of young, cocky golfers. Accept the fact that you are entering into the wise-and-crafty-veteran stage of your career, one where guile and cunning rule the day. So long fist pumps, hello wry smiles as you take down the Tiger wannabes.

3. Go easy on the body building. And eat a few more donuts – they make you smile. Trust me.


1. A new nickname: From trajectory to traj, Mark Steinberg to Steiny, and Steve Stricker to Stricks, Tiger Woods has a knack for abbreviating names of people, places and things. So why not come up with a new nickname? Tig, T-Dub or how about just a symbol and we’ll call him ‘the golfer formerly known as.’ That seemed to work out well for Prince. Oh, wait.

2. A visit to the Mosier family farm: All of my relatives are from a small town in Oklahoma and live within a 10-mile radius. They’re silly. They’re southern. They’re goofy. They’re looney. They’re hillbilly. But they’re also the kindest, sweetest, funniest, pure-hearted individuals I know. One week around them would do Mr. Oh-So-Serious some good.

3. A trip to Rep-a-palooza: Tiger’s swing changes are an uphill battle. His game is a work in progress. Everything he does is all part of the process. With time comes more reps and with more reps comes more reps, and with mores reps comes more reps. Rep it up, Tiger. You reppin' fool.