He Said/She Said: Who would win fight - Tiger or Phil?


Coming off the Manny Pacquiao-Timothy Bradley debacle, we’re sure more people would be interested in seeing Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods climb into the ring. The Golf Guy and Birdie Bailey decided to go all Harold Lederman and break down the potential fight:


I already know that everyone is going to say Tiger would easily give Phil a beatdown if they climbed into a ring. But, like usual, Phil has a secret weapon in his arsenal – a little martial arts mastery.

I envision an overconfident Tiger coming in with one of his famous uppercuts and Phil deftly moving to the side and then countering with a left-footed roundhouse kick upside Tiger's head (kinda like Chuck Norris). The cut above Woods' eye is too much for cut man Sean Foley to keep from bleeding. Mark Steinberg throws in the towel.

Mickelson KO first round.


There are book smarts and there are street smarts. But no matter what smarts you have or have not, it doesn’t take a genius to know that being thrown into a ring with Tiger Woods can only result in defeat.

Sure, Phil took Tiger down earlier this year on a Sunday at Pebble Beach, but we’re not talking about the golf course.

No, ladies and gentlemen, the main event of this He Said/She Said debate is a hypothetical Man vs. Tiger throwdown. Woods is just plain mean. Woods trained with the Navy SEALs for goodness sakes. And Woods is the guy everyone picks on; you know getting beat up by the media and galleries everywhere is bound to get one’s blood boiling.

Nice guy Phil? Doesn’t stand a chance.