Healthy choice: the right fit for Woods


SAN MARTIN, Calif. – Tiger Woods told PGA Tour commissioner Tim Finchem earlier this year he was looking to play in a tournament in 2011 that he had not attended in the past.

The winner of the sweepstakes turned out to be the Open, but it could have easily been The Greenbrier Classic.

Had he played in the West Virginia event, perhaps the arc of his 2011 season would have been different. Woods certainly thinks his performance at Firestone and the PGA Championship would have improved.

'I thought I needed – as I was telling my doc – I needed 10-plus rounds to kind of turn the tide around and get a flow for it, get into a rhythm and then play the [FedEx Cup] playoffs,' he said.

Had Woods played and finished 52nd or better at Greenbrier, he could have gotten to that 10-round mark and gain entry into the playoffs. Ultimately, his medical team thought that was not in the cards.

He said, 'I wasn't physically able to do it, so that was really disappointing.'

Instead, Woods fell short of making the playoffs, 16 points shy of the 125-man cutoff for The Barclays and was relegated to his Jupiter Island home for the next five weeks.

Woods is happy, however, that he is healthy enough to be able to compete this week at CordeValle.

'This is a golf course that I would have a very difficult time walking [while injured],' Woods said.

The time off may have been an odd blessing, giving Woods time to not only practice 36 holes per day, but continue the multi-hour workouts which Woods was doing to get back to the Tour in August.

'I got the explosiveness back in the leg. All that's come back,” Woods said. “And that's just from training and having more time to heal. And then once I've healed, to train on top of it and build all that back up to where it used to be.'