Heartbreak celebrity for Johnson


Pop quiz: Who won the 1999 Open Championship? How about the 1968 Masters? If your answer is Jean Van de Velde and Roberto De Vicenzo you would be wrong, although justifiably so.

There’s little doubt Van de Velde and De Vicenzo are remembered for what they didn’t do more so than what Paul Lawrie and Bob Goalby accomplished in victory. The jury is still out on how the surreal 2010 PGA Championship will be recalled, but Dustin Johnson’s gaffe has already left a familiar mark on the public psyche.

According to a member of Camp Johnson, by Monday morning the hard-swinging 26-year-old had already received more than 500 autograph requests from newfound fans.

The chances are good that when Johnson’s career is over he will have collected his own six-pack of majors, but in the short term there’s no denying the celebrity that accompanies a deftly handled heartbreak.