High school tryout yields identical aces


During tryouts for the golf team at Davies High School in Fargo, N.D., a pair of freshmen aced the same hole, with the same club, in a span of 25 minutes. Brandon Winter and Collin Larson made a hole-in-one at the par-3 fourth hole with a 9-iron from 140 yards last Wednesday, according to Fox Sports North.

Each player scored their ace with the benefit of a bounce from the cart path running in front of the green. Hitting to an alternate green used when spring flooding is possible, each player's tee shot hit the path, landed on the green and rolled in for their respective aces.

'When I saw it take a good bounce off the cart path right in front of the green and kept rolling and rolling, I thought it had a chance,' said Larson. 'Then it went in, and I was really excited.'

Winter reacted similarly, saying, 'I felt like I didn't hit it very well, and then I saw it bounce once. I was just thinking, There’s no way it's going to happen. I heard it hit the pin and it went in. It was crazy.'

Though not exactly the same situation, the odds of two players in the same foursome making a hole-in-one on the same hole in the same day are approximately one in 17 million.

Perhaps aware of his good fortune, Larson immediately put the ball away for later. Winter, however, used different logic and kept playing with the ball.

'I hit it in the hole. Maybe it'd be lucky the rest of the round,' he said.

Though neither player made the cut for the varsity or junior varsity teams, they each have a place on the freshman team this year – and a story for a lifetime.