Heading Holmes: Smooth recovery, Holmes ready for 2012 season


NORTON, Mass. – J.B. Holmes left Johns Hopkins Hospital early Monday following surgery to correct a condition called Chiari Malformation which had been causing dizziness, numbness, vision problems, headaches and problems with his balance and coordination since May.

According to Holmes’ manager with Wasserman Media Group, the 29-year-old is in good condition following the non-life threatening procedure last Thursday and will likely be headed home to Orlando, Fla., following a few days of rest in a Baltimore-area hotel.

“It went very well. The surgeon came in and was very, very positive about how the surgery went,” Terry Reilly said. “The pressure on John’s brain was significant. There was more pressure than they originally thought.”

Holmes, who hasn’t played since he withdrew from the PGA Championship, was in good spirits following the surgery and his father had a T-shirt made for him that read, “Too much brain to contain.”

“He’s excited because now he has a definitive answer about what was wrong and he can move forward,” Reilly said.

If Holmes’ rehabilitation goes according to schedule he could be chipping and putting in 30 days and hitting full shots before Thanksgiving which would mean he’d be ready to start the 2012 season in January.