Honey Im not raking that bunker


NAPLES, Fla. – Mark Calcavecchia’s wife, Brenda, is caddying for him this week at the Shark Shootout.

Brian Gay is Calcavecchia’s teammate.

Gay’s wife, Kimberly, is enjoying her view outside the ropes. She has a special appreciation for the challenge when husbands and wives work together inside the ropes.

“I caddied for Brian once in the Singapore Masters,” Kimberly says while walking the course Friday. “It was on our honeymoon.”

She says it was the last time she caddied for Brian in a tournament.

“I didn’t know you were supposed to rake the bunkers after you played out of them,” Kimberly says. “Brian hit a shot, and when he told me to go back to rake the bunker, I could see the players behind us were ready to play. I told Brian I couldn’t go back there, these other players were ready to go. He said I had to go back and rake the bunker, but I told him, `I’m not raking that bunker.’”

Brian went back and raked the bunker himself.

“The honeymoon was over,” Kimberly cracks.

She was kidding. When the couple met in the fall of 1992 in Brian’s junior year at the University of Florida, Kimberly said she didn’t know the difference between a bogey and a birdie. Now, she knows the intricacies of her husband’s game.

“Now I’m an armchair quarterback,” Kimberly says with a smile.

That role doesn't require raking bunkers.