Ill take gullible over cynical


I broke out the dictionary and looked up a fancy word that I hear being thrown around quite a bit lately and here's what I came up with for 'cynical.' It is defined as 'believing the worst of human nature and motives; having a sneering disbelief in the selflessness of others.'

As I surf the Internet and flip around the TV observing the reactions to Tiger Woods' statement I am overwhelmed at the cynicism. It is quite depressing. I'm not sure how anyone could NOT have been moved by what they saw Friday from Tiger. In no way would I ever defend Tiger's behavior that brought this tragedy down on his family. I honestly believe that he is now making an effort to pull the family back together. I have no idea if he will succeed but he is acting in a way that is consistent with a man who is giving it his full attention. He is not choosing the easy path and there are no guarantees he can pull it off.

Clearly there are many people that have been grievously harmed by Tiger's behavior and many that feel betrayed. The anger is understandable. Forgiveness is not on the table for some and that is ok. And this may very well be the case for his wife. That is between them. My hope is for the best possible outcome for the family, whatever that may be.

What is important now is that he has taken responsibility for his behavior and has begun the process of trying to right the wrongs. Immediately after Tiger made his remarks I was asked for my reaction. I was caught up in the moment and admit that I'm a bit of a sap. For me the image of Tiger airing all the dirty laundry with his mom just a few feet away was a bit overwhelming. My thoughts went to his children and how this would ultimately impact them. Being a father myself I got choked up.

I guess I don't have what it takes to be a hard-nosed journalist and for that I'm grateful. I don't want to live a life without hope. I went to the dictionary again to find an antonym for 'cynical.' The word that got my attention was 'gullible.' It is defined as 'being easily duped or cheated.' Some may call me gullible but I feel strongly that what we saw from Tiger on Friday was genuine and authentic. I hope for his family's sake that I am correct.