Is Tigers marriage our business


Tiger Woods said Tuesday that the state of his marriage is none of our business. Is it or isn’t it? Senior writer Randall Mell and editorial director Jay Coffin offer their takes.


Sorry Tiger, but it is. It’s our business in the general sense that it impacts golf business.

Even Woods’ father believed as much.

“Let’s face it,” Earl Woods said a long time before Tiger married. “A wife can sometimes be a deterrent to a good golf game. The level Tiger’s at, finite problems like that would destroy him.”

Asked about the state of his personal life Tuesday in a U.S. Open press conference, Tiger said: “That’s none of your business.”

We may not have a right to know, we may not even want to know, but it is our business if we’re going to understand the forces impacting Woods’ game and his pursuit of one of the greatest records in sports, his quest to break Jack Nicklaus’ mark of 18 professional major championship titles.

Wanting to know the intimate details of Woods’ personal life is prurient. Wanting to know if his marriage has ended or a divorce is imminent is pertinent to understanding what Woods is going through as he attempts to make more history. It’s as pertinent as knowing whether he’s got his swing on plane.

It’s tricky, delicate territory, to be sure, but if his marriage is over, it’s relevant to golf.


We’ve been over this topic ad nauseam the past seven months and the answer has not changed. Tiger Woods doesn’t owe us anything.

Sure, the argument is that a man of his public status, a man who has made more than a billion dollars off an image that is different from reality should we willing to step up and tell the public what they want to hear. I don’t buy it. Does the public really want to hear it, or is it just a call from the media the find more to write about? If people are disappointed that he’s not been more forthcoming then they should not support products that he endorses. It’s really that simple.

I do think that it would be helpful for Tiger to shed some insight into what’s going on with him and wife Elin, because it’s clearly had a negative effect on his golf.

We don’t need to know much, but a simple “it’s been difficult, but we’re continuing to work on our marriage” would suffice. If nothing else it would get people off his back and show that he’s trying to be different than the Tiger we’ve “known” the past 15 years.

But, ultimately, Tiger ’s business is none of our business. It wasn’t a year ago, and it’s not now.