Jan Stephenson Making LPGA Appearance


CORNING, N.Y. – Jan Stephenson, known as much for her calendar-girl photo shoot for Maxfli as her 16 LPGA titles, is making her first LPGA appearance of the year.
Stephenson, 57, marvels over the fact that people still show up with different renderings of the calendar wanting her to autograph it. She appeared to be nude with a bath tub of golf balls barely covering her for the photo shoot in 1986.
'I think I still have golf-ball dimples imprinted on me,' she said gesturing toward her posterior.
Stephenson is among veterans who've come back to Corning to show their appreciation to fans for their 31-year devotion to the event. This is the tournament's final year. Economic issues have caused Corning Inc. to end its title sponsorship.