Jeb Bush: Obama, Boehner should play golf together


With the United States government up and running again following a 16-day shutdown earlier this month, tensions remain high as officials look to negotiate a long-term solution to the debt crisis potentially looming.

According to former Florida governor Jeb Bush, the two most prominent figures tied to the situation – President Barack Obama and House Speaker John Boehner – would be well-served to pair up for a round of golf.

'I'd like Barack Obama, who seems to be an avid golfer, to quietly invite John Boehner out to hit them up,' Bush told the USA Today.

Obama and Boehner did play a notable round of golf in 2011, after which the two men helped to broker an agreement on a budget compromise, but have not been seen together on the links since.

According to the report, Bush – whose brother George served as Commander-in-Chief from 2001-2009 – believes the highest-ranking officials in each political party would benefit from spending more time together.

'Read the books about the times of Kennedy and Nixon, and Johnson and Reagan, and Bush and Clinton, and Bush and Carter,' he added. 'You'll find that there was a lot more engagement and a lot more trust that was built up because there was this personal interaction.'