Joe Ogilvie Suffering from Dumb Focus


Joe Ogilvie suffered through his worst year on the PGA Tour in 2008 not because of a particular swing flaw or inefficiency in his game, but because of a global economic crisis that didn’t square with Ogilvie’s structured view of the world.
“I probably spent too much time reading and thinking about everything that is going on,” said Ogilvie, who is among the early leaders at Colonial Country Club after an opening 67.
We’ve never had that problem. In fact, sports psychologist Dr. Gio Valiante recently introduced us to a phase that resonated with the “Shag Bag” staff – dumb focus.
Of course Ogilvie’s mind has not slowed that much, as evidenced by an XM Radio interview he gave on Wednesday. Ogilvie said he was going to suggest to the Players Advisory Council this week a plan that would require players participate in the traditional 15-event minimum and earn a certain number of points to maintain their Tour cards.
Under Ogilvie’s plan, players would need 30 points to keep their cards, with starts at bigger events, like majors and World Golf Championships, worth one point while lesser events, like stops in New Orleans and Memphis, worth five or 10 points.
Ogilvie’s plan would promote more starts from top players, while not violating the independent contractor’s independence.
Not bad for a guy who committed to less thinking, more swinging in 2009.