If Johnny Miller were Tigers swing coach


MARANA, Ariz. – NBC’s Johnny Miller would like to see Tiger Woods get away from relying too much on timing in his swing.

“When you are thinking swing, you better be thinking the right swing,” Miller said in an NBC/Golf Channel teleconference today. “I would love to see him go back to the ‘Maltbie Stinger’ a lot more. I have never seen him hit it crooked doing that. I would love to see him keep the face of the club a lot squarer through the hitting zone, which all the straight hitters in history have always done, including Arnie and Jack, you name them all, and Trevino. The club just didn’t open and close.

“Tiger’s been taught by [Hank] Haney and even [Sean] Foley, the club rotates more naturally and there is more timing involved. I would love to see him try to work on a little pause at the top and stay a little squarer through the hitting zone. If I was teaching him, that’s what I would probably have him work on, and get rid of the timing, same with Phil Mickelson, so he could drive the ball somewhere on the planet.

“Tiger could do it. I always said he could win with a rental set and one eye closed.”