Johnny Miller Woods must show genuine sorrow


NBC-TV analyst Johnny Miller weighed in on Tiger Woods during the Northern Trust Open telecast Saturday afternoon.

If you missed it, Miller said he normally reserves his comments on players to what’s happening when they arrive for a tournament, but he offered this on Woods:

“His integrity’s been shattered,” Miller said. “More importantly, he’s injured his marriage and his family and it’s going to be tough for him. President Obama did say something. He said `I’m a strong believer that anybody can look within himself, find their flaws and fix them.’ I hope Tiger, I’m sure he’s heard that, knows he has a heck of a road to hoe to get that respect and integrity back and build the game back up again.”

On the challenge Woods faces in a return, Miller said he is going to have to address some personal issues publicly. Miller referenced media reports that Woods has visited a sexual rehabilitation clinic in Mississippi.

“As Phil Mickelson said, he has got things more important than the game of golf,' Miller said. 'But I really believe he’s the kind of guy, he’s a fast starter when he takes a lot of time off. He’s been injured before, he’s had his father’s death he’s had to deal with. He’ll come back strong. He has so much talent and so much game, but he’s going to have to go through a lot of media blitz. He’s become almost bigger than the game of golf. He’s come past that, it’s almost Entertainment Tonight and People Magazine. Everybody’s going to want to know what he does, what he’s thinking, what he’s been through. He’s been at Gentle Path there in Mississippi. They are going to want to know all these things, but he’s going to have to face the music. He’s going to have to show people he’s done everything he can to repair his marriage and [show] some genuine sorrow in his voice and feeling from his heart that he wants to change and make his life better.”