Johnson wants lift clean and place


FARMINGDALE, N.Y. - Zach Johnson believes the U.S Open would be less about luck if the U.S. Golf Association would implement lift, clean and place rules this week.

'It's frustrating you can hit a good ball and be lucky to have a good shot,' Johnson said after shooting 75 in the first round. 'You can hit the ball in the middle of the fairway and have a mud ball. I don't understand the premise behind hitting a good shot and luck determines whether you have a shot.'

The USGA is adamant about not implementing lift, clean and place.

'They call it lift, clean and cheat but that's not the case if eveyone is playing it,' Johnson said. 'I mean, the best Tour in the world is plays it.'

Johnson was referring to the PGA Tour. In the first round, Johnson said he had two mud balls but that will get worse as the grounds dry out. He said a ball hit in the middle of the fairway can be more difficult to control than a ball in the rough if the fairway ball has mud on it.

Johnson said lift, clean and place also would be practical in helping speed up play and alleviating the stress of officials and grounds crews in getting the championship completed