Jordan schools the Americans


SAN FRANCISCO – U.S. Presidents Cup players says they are learning a lot from honorary assistant captain Michael Jordan.

That includes the art of trash talking.

“He talks a lot of trash,” American Steve Stricker said. “He likes to gamble a little bit, and he's been doing that with Sean O'Hair a little bit. We have the best basketball player in history in our team room, and to ask him questions, you know, just try to get inside his head a little bit is pretty cool.”

Trash talking is not a skill Stricker’s likely to employ, say, in a match with Vijay Singh or another opponent, given the sport’s strict etiquette, but it’s probably making the American team room a lively and loose setting.

“It’s great to have Michael in the team room, kind of trading barbs with the guys,” American assistant captain Jay Haas said. “There are guys that are starry eyed, wide eyed, and I’m not talking about young guys, either.”