Kaymers conundrum


AUGUSTA, Ga. – Martin Kaymer has an odd week lined up. After playing the Masters he is scheduled to fly home to Germany to have pins removed from his left foot, the byproduct of a go-cart accident that resulted in four broken bones.

Although he said his foot was normally fine, odd lies cause him discomfort. And, as anyone who has ever walked Augusta National, the layout is filled with odd lies.

The pain is worst when the ball is below his feet and he has started moving his left foot forward, or closing his stance, to alleviate some of the pressure. The bad news is a closed stance creates a draw swing on a golf course that favors a fade.

“(A draw) is tough on this golf course,” said Kaymer, who will need about 10 days of rehab after his surgery on Thursday. “I only have one more week. I can handle one more week.”