Kerrs caddie picking up spirits this week


OAKMONT, Pa. – Cristie Kerr’s caddie is a little bit grocery clerk and bar manager this week.

Jason Gilroyed agreed to a motivating bet with Kerr that helped her win the LPGA Championship two weeks ago. 

He agreed that if she shot at least 2-under in the final round at Locust Hill, he would pay for the groceries for the week at Oakmont in the house they’re renting. He also agreed if she shot 4-under or better in the final round, he would also spring for the wine.

“I’m out about $600 so far on the wine this week,” Gilroyed said after Friday's round.

Kerr’s a wine connoisseur with her own label as a partner in Curvature wines. It’s available at The venture’s more than a business. It’s set up with a charitable arm to help in the fight against breast cancer. Cristie’s mother, Linda, is a breast cancer survivor.

Kerr, her husband, Erik Stevens, and Gilroyed are among seven people renting a house together near Oakmont. Gilroyed is gladly ponying up for wine and groceries after getting a percentage of that first-place check at the LPGA Championship.