The King wonders about all Tigers swing changes


ORLANDO, Fla. – Arnold Palmer wonders how Tiger Woods’ multiple swing makeovers may have hindered his game.

Palmer, as was the case with so many players of his generation, grew up without a swing coach. His father, “Deke,” taught him to play and remained his only coach through Palmer's 62 PGA Tour titles and seven major championship triumphs.

After recording an episode Thursday morning for Golf Channel’s 12 Nights at the Academy, Palmer was asked what he thought of PGA Tour pros' heavy reliance on swing coaches and the fact that Woods is undergoing the third overhaul of his swing as a professional with his third swing coach.

“I just sort of giggle,” Palmer said. “I think Tiger has a basically sound swing, and he should stick to it. Always changing, it just takes away from something that is really very good.”

Golf Channel's 12 Nights at the Academy begins Nov. 29 with Palmer’s episode airing as the last show at 7 p.m. (ET) on Dec. 10.