Kirk: Players should feel 'guilty' for anchoring


McGladrey Classic winner Chris Kirk apologized Sunday after tweeting a series of anti-anchoring messages over the weekend, including one suggesting that the players who anchor their putters should feel “guilty” for using a style they know will be banned in 2016.

Watching the Australian Masters – won, of course, by anchorer Adam Scott – on TV and tweeting to his more than 12,000 followers, Kirk also wondered whom Matt Kuchar had to “pay off” in order to have his armbar-style method deemed legal by the governing bodies.

Kirk has anchored his putter in the past, but wrote that “good anchored putters can’t hang w great traditional putters.” He added that the PGA Tour and USGA have put anchorers in an awkward position by not enacting the ban immediately. 

On Sunday morning, Kirk apologized for the comments, which he said were “disrespectful to my peers and some of my best friends.”

“Everyone is entitled to their opinion,” he wrote, “but I crossed the line. Don’t drink and tweet!”

Here are the offending tweets: 





In a tweet that has since been deleted, Kirk wrote, “Back to anchored putters. Kuch is my boy but who did he pay off to make his method legal?”