Kris Tamulis Whistles While She Works


You never know what's going through the minds of professional golfers as they walk down fairways, but Kris Tamulis gives you pretty good clues.
Quite often, the fifth-year LPGA pro from Naples, Fla., has music on her mind , and she likes to whistle her favorite tunes.
She could be heard doing so at the LPGA State Farm Classic on Friday as she got herself in contention, tied for third going into the third round.
'I used to get in trouble for whistling when I was in middle school,' Tamulis said, according to the tournament transcript. 'If I just do it randomly – I could be walking down the fairway – people turn around and wonder where the bird is. It's something that I've just done my whole life. My goal, actually, is to be in the World Whistling Championships, which I believe are in North Carolina. You have to have a classical and modern piece prepared. I sorted out my classical piece, but I have to work on my modern one.'
Tamulis whistled 'Spring' from Vivaldi's 'The Four Seasons' for media in the interview room.