Kuchars quick recovery


SHEBOYGAN, Wis. – Beware the injury golfer, or so the worn-out saw goes, and Matt Kuchar is example No. 1,345 that it often holds true.

Kuchar, who completed his delayed opening round at the PGA Championship at 5 under par for the lead and has moved to 6 under early in his second round, is playing “Glory’s Last Shot' with a boken toe.

Kuchar broke the fourth toe on his left foot Tuesday night at the Greenbrier Classic when he woke up to take care of his newborn baby and kicked a piece of furniture, but the ailment hasn’t slowed one of the PGA Tour’s hottest players.

He finished tied for ninth last week and is making his final Ryder Cup push at Whistling Straits.

“It’s OK. I just taped them together and played, it’s the only thing you can do,” Kuchar said. “It hurt for about four days but is feeling better now.”