Late But he was injured


PEBBLE BEACH, Calif. – After limping his way around Pebble Beach Saturday, Bill Murray endured insult being added to his injury.

Playing partner Tim Herron informed Murray outside the scoring trailer that Murray had been penalized two shots before he struck his first shot of the day.

'You were penalized for being late to the first tee,' Herron told him.

Murray was surprised by the news. He limped into the scorer's trailer to protest, insisting he was on time to hit his first drive, but he was overruled. PGA Tour officials told him he was required to be on the tee when Herron hit the group's first shot from the back tees.

'I was on time to hit my ball,' Murray said in his playfully wisecracking manner. 'It is someone's interpretation of the rules. The rule says players will play at the time arranged by the committee. It is nerdy stuff.'

It did not ultimately matter. Murray and Herron were tied for 113th at 11 under and missed the pro-am cut.

Murray injured his knee skiing in Park City, Utah, last month. He wouldn't say exactly what he did.

'The insurance company is going to ask a lot of questions,' Murray cracked. 'I don't want to say too much on tape.'

Murray tirelessly signed autographs after the round on a knee that obviously bothered him.

'It was embarrassing,' Murray said of his play. 'But we did have a lot of fun.

'It is hard to say if it was worth it. There is no accurate way to measure fun and pain. It is hard to compare them.'