Lewis finds power without trying


Stacy Lewis is roughly 25 yards longer off the tee since beginning to work with swing coach Joseph Hallet at the start of the 2010 season.

The funny thing, Hallett says, is gaining power was never their goal when they first connected. In fact, their initial work together was on her putting.

The extra power didn’t come overhauling her swing, either. It didn’t come in any dramatic single change.

“Sometimes, when you’re making excess moves, you have power leaks,” Hallett said. “The goal was to make what she had work better. We really looked at the order her body was working and how the club was matching up.”

The goal was to remove the excess, make her body match up better with the swing and remove the power leaks.

“I hate to use the words making the swing more efficient, but we were just trying to make what she did more efficient,” Hallett said.

The changes were simple but highly effective.

Hallett says the swing only explains one-third of the formula that brought Lewis’ power gain. He said improved core strength and Mizuno’s driver/shaft technology were also important factors.

Lewis underwent a bio-mechanic assessment with David Donatucci of the PGA  Center for Golf Learning & Performance to see what her body was capable of, given her scoliosis and back condition. That assessment dictated Donatucci’s core-strengthening regimen. Factor in Mizuno’s work, and Lewis is a model in how to gain power without risking a major setback.